Pictorial Meadows are specialists in all forms of Green Roof creation and management, and have been providing aerial solutions for many years now. It is well documented that Green roofs decrease energy costs, improve on-site water attenuation and help to meet building standards on energy performance. When designed properly they can also increase roof life expectancy, help gain planning permission, increase property values and very importantly, help increase the biodiversity of relatively hostile urban environments.

Our services include options for both intensive and extensive roof systems and our portfolio includes domestic clients, local authorities, educational property  and large commercial organisations. All our specialist teams are Working at Heights trained and  CSC Card holders.


We have developed a unique green roof substrate that has attained approval in line with German FLL Green Roof Standards. Our substrate is lightweight and manufactured from 100% recycled materials, much of which is obtained from our own on-site reen waste recycling centre. By producing this PAS 100 compost we are using materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.


Amongst a variety of vegetation solutions on offer, we supply 3 different green roof seed mixtures which provide a simple and cost effective option for those wanting a DIY project and one which will require minimal maintenance.

From Garden Sheds to High Rise Public Buildings the team at Pictorial Meadows are equally at home in the clouds as they are with their feet on the ground!